El Daba Trading Engineering Co

Dabatco is an Egyptian based import and export , trading engineering company providing complete line of services in the area of telecommunication to the Egyptian market .
DABATCO was established in 1985 and has since then acquired an extensive experience in in the provision and


implementation of microwave radio networks and accessories , satellite earth station  & systems , HF government systems , rollout of GSM Greenfield sites , and telecommunication towers through those years DABATCO has built its own well experienced human resources plus other affiliated and associated resources . this enable carried out by DABATCO with excellent and totally professional performance

DABATCO installation and maintenance capabilities have In contribution enable the company to undertake turnkey responsibilities as well as conduct on and off site repairs

DABATCO maintains an extensive market awareness and sensitively to market requirement and needs , though continuous market researches , evaluation and positive counter acting to develop workable environment  and requirement satisfaction
The highly profile of DABATCO has always been the direct result of such market awareness and sensitivity , the key ingredient of the continued success and the prime mover to confront the rapidly developing technological breakthroughs

Our installations and maintenance  capabilities one base of DABATCO’s strength in the market –place is to furnish a complete line of service to the telecommunications projects and the mechanical , electrical and civil work associated with the turnkey type of projects
Therefore ,DABATCO offers markets , and fully supports the performance and the high comprehensive family of technologically advanced and highly reliable telecommunications systems and equipment that would hardly fall short to satisfy any of the customer’s needs and / or demands .
As for organization . its scheme and concept are made to satisfy all operation aspects and ,maintain management flexibility and efficiency .
In recent years , DABATCO’s architecture has been re-organized to allow for one group focusing on the telecommunication projects and another group devoted to the military projects. The latter is a logistic consultant group that comprises highly experienced retired Egyptian Generals and Engineers capable of providing highly reliable services to the contracts during acquisition phase , technical evaluation processes , bidder selection , and contracts execution   along with the follow-on support . DABATCO is a consultant of many international enterprises for military projects and has consequently established good contacts with the Egyptian authorities
Our turn over for military project only for the last 5 years US$ 200 million

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Though long fruitful years of honored commitment towards its clients base , DABATCO has established very solid business relationship un the Egyptian market , and its services cover the below listed clients and sectors :
- technical research department , and ministry of foreign Affairs .
- Egyptian Air Forces .
- Egyptian Armed Forces .
- Police Communications Department ( ministry Of Interior ).
- Egyptian Radio & Television Union ( ERTU ) and Nile Sate .
- Telecom Egypt .
- Ministry Of Electricity  .
- Petroleum Sector Companies .
- Civil Aviation Authority .
- New Agencies .
- Government Sector Companies .

To contact us:


: ( +20-2) 25747160 - 25747161: (+20-2) 25766320
: (+20-2) 25766320
: eldaba@dabatco.com

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