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In 971 A.D. established a city by Gawhar Al-Saqli Cairo a capital for Egypt, and since that the date and to this days, and it attracted demographic for what to it . Economic , sociability ,and civilized components With and a passage the time and followed the generations be diverse the uses and developed biology residential Al-Hussein and Mrs. Zeinab the times needs therefore and in it an example which appeared represented a biology and spanning and all biologies. Deep-rooted and establishing date returns old.

MR : Tareq Eldaba

With the twenty century beginning Started biology showing new on the old city parties. For the escape pile and the congestion which became Cairo of imprints Until in that time that appeared Hiliopelies and Maadi , But the development fast and the continuing growth made centers from parties for the city repeat in it the old Cairo problems self from a congestion and pile Became fitting calming obtainment of the difficult matters but impossible in some times for the lands rarity and was risen the construction material prices and a height required in price.

With near ending and this twenty century with the state policy in the horizontal expansion in building For what for Egypt a core can from a not exploited vast land be shaped for good developmental societies planning And represented relies in planning in the private sector with the state turn identification on the national capital participation those societies and supplying in the necessary annexes and domain open for the economic free thought for the execution .
Based on the new developmental societies commission stood in planning and establishing pertain mentioning from it on the main contributory ways extension for the residential of Shrooq
These residential is between two fast ways ( Cairo – Ismailia ) and ( Cairo – Suez ) And they from the double fast ways Is the arrival does not exceed the half-hour to the Cairo And the commission stood in planning that region planning modern and distinguished all planning modern components from fast ways and regions green vast and centers collect as the clubs and the markets And that had thrown for the sale on the private sector modest constructional strict conditions with regard to the heights and the built surfaces and relations in the surrounding emptiness what make a civilized model this imitate.
Had devoted a surface to the real development for the open company 62100 square meters any about. 14.7 An acre in a region who distinguish the regions and for happening for the city and for being appear on the vast club region on the main artery.
And had supervised the company in planning distinguishing all necessary members and amusing the refrain And the project contains on 50 villas keep pace with the desires diversity with an architect unified and suitable stamp nature and in different surfaces the Egyptian modern civilization and supervised built from the lands except flat Yazeed . Of 12% from the total surface for the project. And as that supervised all appear villas on gardens whether generally or and does not object these gardens any an achieving way mechanic thus safety factor as long as missed.. As the project supervised the normal differences use for the land level for the new graphic concept investigation. And fear the project contains on the subsistence services from markets have sexual intercourse the amusing services also and as a special small club in the project multipurpose halls and sitting saloons and as that the Jim halls all attachments. (sauna) , and a playmate sportive ( a tennis - eskouash - a multiple playground the use).
And contemplated the company this project is a start point for futuristic other projects a contribution from us in darling Egypt building





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