Romansia Village
The village falls in the biology region in the Hurghada city in the kilo 8 the Hurghada way / head on the sea a start.

The established total area on it the village 13300 square meters a square meter prohibited the shore in addition to 2800 . The village moves of the Hurghada  airport in a distance 17 how much an approximation, From villas and number the village forms from a group (.16) an area villa all villas about 375 square meters in addition to the special garden in all villas and dispute area from an villa to an other according to the general position fees.. There is in the village a region for the swimming-bath in firm umbrellas for the protection from the sun and a broiler preparation works in the charcoal in addition to a sand seller dock for the children..
There is also in the village the rock region green and which contain on a huge rock from the green granite and which occurred Sinai brought from mountains add normal beauties for the village and the region preparation occurred. Surrounding to an amusing region for the village majors.
May fear in position planning for the village general the concern in the areas green and the general gardens villas and supply in the required illumination and the good distribution..
As fear in general position designing a level rises all villas of in front of it about 60 poisons so grants villas for all see the sea from all corners. Common electricity connect had occurred for the village and a precautionary waters tanks preparation occurred for the city waters network connect time. As contracting occurred on telephones connect for the village.. Den a special work in the village from the main street. The village preparation will occur in a central television reception dishes group for the spatial stations reception and all required connections worked all bound villas in these dishes..
And rear wall designing occurred to contain on a rooms group for the position for the services and the workers residence and waters sessions for the workers ( additional works no the mentioned sale price includes)..
And match the licenses extraction also disputed for the yachts for establishing and that stops on the official sides approval and sea deepening and purification will occur in front of the village,.

The villas terminating specifications. :
Fear in and in the ores selection villas designing to and am a formation of the resisting kinds am the kinds from the best for the humidity and the salts and the air factors.. Had decided the external directions covered in an sesame splashing whiteness in the color for the villa Simon with the (krallshbabeekneesh) work white what add an wonderful aesthetic way and the external surfaces coverage binds in bricks of the Utopian color after . Separation thermal an excellent separation.
The balconies and decided for a formation from the white aluminum (electro-static) for the protection from the air factors and the glass of the kind and mother dark an importer.. Disgraced the entrances and the peaces and the balconies to with a distinguished stamp from the busy iron with the installment accuracy in harmonize and a beautiful harmony,. And the internal whiteness works fear in it the terminating accuracy and as that fear a use be proud the plastic kinds and recite as fear in the paints a decoration addition from the packthread for joy adding on terminating internal. In regard for the internal grounds the Pharaohs ceramic and Cleopatra and and, but the entrances doors and she from the wood the beech and that for the durability considerations and the safety with the designing beauties observance. And all electric the tools and the installations will the television and the telephone exits- a electricity plug entrances - the keys the paintings and disagreement imported and from A'jwad the kinds and harness the bathrooms of the (IDEAL STANDERD) production.
The base room accessories made by ( Jakub De Lafoun) ) or what resemble.. And a preparation occurred all villas in the required connections for the acclimatization devices installment in all rooms at the request.. As devoted the king cars to a wait for all a special place villa

Ground floor
The buildings surface: 121.50 (m2)
Balcony : 36.00 (m2)

The first floor
The buildings surface: 144.60(m2)
Balcony : 24.00 (m2)

The roof
The buildings surface: 31.10(m2)
Balcony :110.00(m2)

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