Sultana Village
Sinai, a rugged terrain of rock and sand. A space beaten from the pounding elements, forged by the hands of time.


These are the mountains that witnessed Moses receiving the ten commandments, the parting of the Red Sea. This is the landscape upon witch so much history has been written. It is the land of extreme beauty.
In the quite little town of Nuweiba, on the gulf of Aqaba, it is here, at Sultana Village that many come to share the beauty of Sinai

Life is easy in Nuweiba. This is the perfect place to unwind and forget life’s problems, the quite is deafening, the loudest noise is created by the sea. In Nuweiba, listening to the sounds of nature is a favorite pastime.
While many camps are composed of reed huts without electricity, Sultana offers electrical power to its units bathrooms and all other outlets.


The recently completed Sultana Village offers the perfect venue for those who wish to getaway. Here, peace and quite dominate the scene.
Within one-hour drive, one may visit the Color Canyon, St. Catherine, the castle on Pharaoh’s Island and Taba.

The units were built with stones brought in from the area around St. Catherine.

Each unit has five windows that can be adjusted to take maximum effect of the cool sea breeze.
Sultana offers large, clean separate bathroom facilities for men and women. A special system of pumps and tanks insure a constant flow of hot and cold water.

Each unit has three comfortable beds that also serve as couches around a table.
The restaurant has been built with great attention to detail. Coshioned seating areas, hand made pottery, a view of the sea, all combined to create a comfortable and aesthetic environment

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