TECHNOFT representing leading international firms in the field of electricity and helping the very fast electricity domain in Egypt.

In 1992 Technoft responsibilities were handed over to khaed-Daba (founder’s son) who followed his father’s steps adding and modernizing the various fields covered by Technof


For more than 35 years, Technoft has devoted its efforts to serve the fast growing Egyptian customer needs of electrical appliances, than meeting the demands of the Egyptian government ambitious plans to provide electricity to the whole nation. Technoft has established a solid base and an excellent reputation, placing it as one of the leading private companies in its field in Egypt.

Technoft employs 25 of the most companies in the field and is looking forward to expand its business in the future, merging and reparation and electricity throughout the world.


This trend forced Technoft to adopt a selective approach to the business operations and prompt response to the Egyptian electrical development and the daily needs.

The criteria we have always applied is, profitability, strategic strength and growth potential in a country were demands for electricity grow by the hour successful product diversification and active marketing enabled Technoft to distribute a wide range of electrical products and engineering activities, lining up together with the leading firms in the world, Technoft truly representing them in Egypt and making every thing possible to assist them to win considerable volume contracts and size o works in the market.

Technoft has tackled many problems and braved many storms by remaining true to our principles and motto “We don’t sell, we satisfy needs”.

We are the agent for several leading companies, Such as:
Duke Engineering & Services Co. – USA :
- Services and products of Duke solar Energy (and affiliates)
- Water Wide Renewable Co-generation products and services.
Electro impex – Bulgaria :
- Electric Motors
- Cables and wires
- High and low voltage equipment.
- Installation electric materials.
- Overhead transmission lines.
- Substation 66/11 K.V. 66/22 K.V 220 K.V.
Electroimpex – Hungary :
- Railway safety equipment
- Audio equipment for Radio & TV. Studios, Public address system and   closed circuit television.
- Score Boards for stadiums and Airports.
Transelectro Hungary :
- Electric motors, low-tension equipment electric installation material   made by KONTAKTA.
- DIAZED fuses – L.T. – HRC Fuses.
- Battery containers.
- Water treatment plants and systems.
- Power station
Tungsram Co. – Hungary
All the types of lamps and their components and Lamps factory Machinery.
Ganz instrument – Hungary
- Single and three phase electricity meters.
- Electrical time switches.
- Electricity meter’s and testing equipment.
Tommen Cooperation - Japan
Supply of Electronic Score Boards
MT Italy - Italy
- Electronic Score Boards.
- Color Video Display Boards.
China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Guangzhou Cooperation (CATIC Guangzhou) – China
- Score Boards
- Electricity products for substation, GIS station and power station.
Agrocomplect Co. – Bulgaria

- Irrigation, Water supply and land-reclamation
- Hydro technical c
- Construction and Agro-industrial construction.

Atomic Energy Engineering Company Ltd. - Hungary
Supply of different equipment , goods and technological transfer and experts activity on nuclear field.
Pinter Works – Hungary
- Nuclear technology equipment
- Power plant and machinery technological parts
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: 11 Orabi St. Flat (23) Cairo Egypt
: (+20-2) 25743988 25743597
: (+20-2) 25765593

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